Good girls talk dirty...

"The Only Guide That Teaches You...
How To Talk Dirty to Your Man
(Drive Him Absolutely Wild)
Without Feeling Like an Idiot"

200% Guaranteed Dirty Talk

Dear Reader,

Do you know you should talk dirty, be more vocal and naughty...


Does your man ever ask you to talk dirty to him...

BUT... you're either too embarrassed or afraid you'll say the wrong things and end up feeling like a complete idiot?

I know! I know!

Women email me all the time with the same question...

"How do I talk dirty to my man - without feeling stupid?"

I think that's a fair question, don't you?

No woman is born with the 'dirty talk' gene - the natural ability to talk dirty. It's a skill you have to develop.

So I started doing some research and guess what?

I was SHOCKED to learn there was NOT a single good resource dedicated to the topic of teaching women how to talk dirty! Not one!

And the advice I did find was complete garbage. The advice was horrible and suggested using crazy lines that would make anyone feel ridiculous - I would too. If you did what the writers suggested your man would either laugh or turn him right off.

How bad? They suggested saying things like... "I want your purple headed, spitting cobra."

What the *&..#! Instant turn-off. No wonder women were emailing asking for my help.

I was so frustrated...

I got so fed-up trying to find good, solid and helpful information on how to talk dirty that I figured...

"If you want a job done right, you've got to do it yourself."

So here's what I did...

1) I interviewed as many guys as I could and asked them...

- What kinds of things have women said that turn you off?
- What was the un-sexiest thing a woman said to you?
- What's the hottest thing a woman has ever said to you?
- What kind of things do you wish and love a woman to say to you in and outside of the bedroom?

You'll be surprised by their answers!

2) 900 Phone Sex Numbers

I asked myself...

"Who would be an expert at talking dirty?"

 Someone who talks dirty all the time --- for a job.

So, I called a bunch of those 900#'s you see on late night TV and paid $2.95 a minute (that phone bill was big) and took a ton of notes.

3) Experts

I found a woman I know who is an expert at talking dirty and begged her to talk dirty to me on the phone (Boy, is she ever an expert!) so you can listen to how, when and what you need to say to drive a man crazy!

Plus...I found a great example of another woman talking dirty to her lover (I get turned on just thinking about it).

I did all this out of frustration -- because I couldn't find a single resource to help my customers with their problem.

Why Dirty Talk?

You already have your reasons for wanting to learn how to talk dirty, but here are a few more great reasons you may not be aware of...

  • 98% of men report that some 'dirty talk' increases their excitement
  • Necessary for some men to become aroused or achieve an erection
  • Lets him know you're as enthusiastic about sex as he is
  • Many women report it helps them enjoy sex even more - by really getting into it - and makes you feel sexier
  • The more YOU let go the better sex will be
  • Men will tell you love making without 'sound' is NOT hot.

Learn How To Talk Dirty To Your Man

How to talk dirty
All men love a woman who's a bit 'naughty'

And they love it when you talk dirty to them --- they literally LOSE CONTROL and vibrate with excitement --- when you do it right.

(FACT: The phone sex industry makes over $1 Billion every year)

Truly great lovers know that to drive a man to the absolute heights of extacy -- until you're driving him  completely OUT OF HIS MIND

This is NOT a book filled with fluff or theory - they are audios (listen them on any computer or download them)

You won't have to spend hours reading dry, technical instructions that are impossible to put to work for you.

I'll teach you...

* What NOT to say

* Exactly what to say (I'll actually give you lines)

* How to say it (Attitude and tone)

* When to say it

Plus more secrets...

Here's What You're Getting

You get over 73 minutes of hard-hitting, detailed instructions on how to talk dirty.

Audio mp3 Part 1 & 2
(Over 73 minutes)

Just listen and learn...

* Foreplay: What hot things you need to say before sex
* Timing: When is the best and worst time to talk dirty?
* The 3 things women say that - 'shut him down' instantly
* How to avoid the un-sexiest things women say
* How to 'implant' you into his brain and get him thinking about sex
* Dirty talk phrases
* The biggest myth (taught in every single article) that's absolutely wrong according to the men I surveyed
* How to 'sound' sexier
* Exact lines: Dirty talk examples you can use - so no trial and error - these are guaranteed sexy winners
* 6 mobile text messages you can send guaranteed to make him crave you.
* What you need to say after sex
* Plus way more

Audio mp3 - Real Live Dirty Talk

I've included a live, outstanding example of a woman talking dirty to her lover getting her lover man primed and ready to go!

Listen carefully. She definitely knows the secret - and so will you after you listen to this audio.

Audio mp3 - Expert Interview
- You'll learn how to talk dirty from an expert.

I begged a friend of mine to talk dirty to me on the phone - then recorded it. Listen to what exactly what she says, her attitude & how she says it - if you want to master dirty talk.

HOT! She really knows how to push a guys buttons, let me tell you.

Critical Notes -
Quickly skim and  review the notes of everything discussed in the audios.

Instant Access - You get instant, online access even if it's 2am (You'll be emailed a link to access everything).

* It's faster than mailing
* Download to your computer & listen anytime
* Put the audios onto your mp3 player for mobility
* Burn to a CD to play in your car or while you exercise

Why don't I mail it to you? I make the products digital for 2 reasons:

1) Because that's what 85% of my customers told me they prefer. Many want results right away and can't wait 7-14 days to get the product in the mail.

2) Keeping the cost lower for you. (It costs you more money for shipping & handling and printing)

3) Environmental - Digital is a 'clean' product.

Consider the fuel to cut down trees or extract petroleum for CD's, energy to turn into products, fuel to transport to stores and into my hands, then fuel to deliver to you etc... Wow! That hurts everyone.

Digital is a more environmentally responsible approach to business. You're helping yourself, others, your children, grandchildren etc... And that's the truth.

Here's the Deal

It's unlikely you'll learn to talk dirty all by yourself...

Unless you're peeping or spying on another woman and her lover - listening to her talk dirty.

Sure, you can learn by trial-and-error but that's the slow way and possibly.

I'm looking for a few people to use this product - experience the results for themselves and report back to me with the impact on their relationship.

Because of this I'm only doing a limited release of this program before I decide to keep it up or remove it or repackage it. Based on the response I anticipate from this launch it's very possible I'll increase the price to $47 to even $67 very soon. So hurry.

So for a limited time...

I'll take all the risk...

365-Day Money-Back-Guarantee

I know listening to these audios is going to give you the INSTANT confidence to turn on your dirty talk (and your man) and turn up the heat in the bedroom... forever.

I'm so convinced of it --- I'm going to do something crazy.

If you listen to the audios and read the notes, apply the techniques and you (and especially your man) aren't satisfied (I highly doubt it) for ANY REASON in the next 365-days - just send me a quick email and you'll pay NOTHING..and you'll get to keep absolutely everything - just for giving it a try - that's 200% right there.

All I ask is that you give it a good honest & sincere attempt, practice and put it to work on your man - more than once, ok?

Fair enough?

Excite your man & turn up the heat in your love-life tonight!

Click on the link below, and place your order now:

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I promise...

There is no faster way to learn how to master the erotic art of talking dirty (I literally guarantee it)

Go through this entire program from beginning to end. You will see INSTANT RESULTS... and instant changes in your sexual confidence and love-life.

You're man will be more excited then you've ever seen him before...

I'm confident you're man will be more excited then you've ever seen him and so will you once you've tried "How to Talk Dirty to Your Man Without Feeling Stupid" - I absolutely guarantee it 200%.

To a hotter more irresistible you,

Jay Archer

P.S. You'll be master how to talk dirty TONIGHT - In fact, I'll give you a
200% double risk-free guarantee if you're serious and you give it an honest try.

P.P.S Hurry -- this may be the last time you can buy this program on its own at this low price or with this type of guarantee! I'm only making it available temporarily so people can experience the results in their love-life and reply with their rave reviews.

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