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Monthly Lap Dance Tip - October 2006

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Here's a recent question I get about lap dance music selection.

Question: I want to do a lap dance for my boyfriend's birthday next month.

I've picked out the perfect outfit for it, but I'm not sure what
song to use. I've never done anything like this before and I'm
really nervous because I want it to be perfect.

Can you suggest something?

ANSWER: First of all, don't be nervous. He's going to love it. The fact
that you're going to the trouble to give him such a personal and
creative gift is reason enough to love it.

Now when it comes to the music, song selection is rather personal
and varies greatly depending on taste, but I can certainly point
you in the right direction by telling you what NOT to do.

The biggest mistake women make when choosing music for their lap
dance debut is they confuse stripping with lap dancing. I'll
explain what I mean.

Stripping is upbeat, energized dancing while lap dancing is a
slower, more sensual experience. Stripping is Michael Jackson's
'Beat It' while lap dancing is Sade's 'Smooth Operator' if you
know what I mean.

So many women who try to lap dance to fast music end up bobbing up
and down awkwardly like ostriches on fast forward. Take your time.
Let him savour every moment.

The music you choose should inspire fluid movements that run
together smoothly, and involve a lot of gentle touching- running
your hand along the side of his face, letting your hair fall around
his neck, sliding your feet down the top of his thighs.

(Ooh, just the thought of that gives me the shivers in all the
right places!)

Think about the kind of music he likes and go with something out of
his CD collection. (R and B, for example, can be very well suited
to lap dancing. Or if he's more of a jazz buff, feel free to take
the theme in that direction.)

Whatever you choose, make sure it inspires YOU because if you don't
like the song, you won't feel natural moving to it.

All the best!


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