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Dear Friend,

There's no doubt about it -- if you're looking to turn your man on, re-ignite the passion in your relationship and be the only woman he fantasizes about -- surprising him with a lapdance is a sure way to make it happen.

And in a moment I'm going to share with you the best way I've found to master the art of seductive lap dancing so you can give your man the hottest sexual experience of his life (even if you think you're "too old" or that you don't have the "perfect" body)...

But first I'd like to let you in on a little secret about what your man really wants in a woman when it comes to sex and why knowing this secret is so important to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship for the long term.

What Men Really Want...


As a guy I can tell you first-hand that there's nothing that turns a man on more than being sexually teased and seduced by a woman who loves sex as much (or more) than we do; a woman who's sexually confident, and gets turned on by turning on her man.

It's most men's ultimate fantasy to be with a lady in public and a totally confident seductress -- a true sex Goddess -- in the bedroom. And when we finally find her, believe me, we will do ANYTHING to keep this woman.

In fact, I've known men who've stayed in relationships that are otherwise TERRIBLE, just because their lover knew how to turn them on and keep their sex life interesting.

After all, let's face it, most relationships quickly become BORING sexually.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but men are truly driven in large part by our sexual desires; it's in our physiology. And if it isn't you who fulfills those desires for your man, I'm sad to tell you it WILL be someone else who will.

Now that doesn't mean he'll cheat on you or leave you for another woman. Instead he may just fantasize about other women: the gals at the strip club, the women in porn, the women at the office, the bartender at the local pub.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. You can learn to be the only woman your man thinks about -- the only woman he fantasizes about.

Now I know what you're probably thinking. "But I don't have the body of a playboy bunny" or "I'm not as young as I once was". The truth is, it doesn't matter.

It Doesn't Matter How Old You Are, If You Don't Have The Perfect Body, Or If You've Never Done Anything Like This Before

None of that matters! You can still learn how to perform a sexy, seductive and completely confident lapdance that will turn your man on so much that he'll be begging to have his way with you.

You can learn how to be your man's sex Goddess!

I've talked with tons of men who all say the exact same thing. When a woman walks into a room with total confidence; when she really knows how to carry herself and how to move, she can be absolutely dead sexy -- even if she's overweight or isn't naturally gorgeous in the conventional sense.

The problem is, nobody was born knowing all the right moves, steps, poses and routines that turn men into a giant puddle of sexually-frustrated mush during a lapdance. Like anything else, it is a skill that must be learned.

That's where I can help.

After realizing how badly this information was needed for the average "woman next door", I set out on a mission to create the most helpful course available anywhere on seductive lap dancing.

And after 2 years of solid work, it's finally complete. I call this course, "Lapdance Unleashed" and I'll tell you about it in a second.

But first, you may be thinking to yourself, "Who the heck is this Jay Archer guy and what makes him such an expert on lap dancing?"

What Makes Me An Expert On Lap Dancing?

Good question. I'm glad you asked :-)

Here are three solid reasons you should learn how to master the art of seductive lapdance from me...

Reason 1: First of all, I'm a man. And as a man I've seen dozens of lap dances -- great ones and horrible ones -- so I know exactly what moves, poses, and routines turn men on and the biggest mistakes women make that seriously turn men off... from a MAN'S perspective.

And I'll share this insight with you so that you never make any of those oh-so-common (and embarrassing) mistakes.

Reason 2: Before creating this course I surveyed more than 1,000 women just like yourself to find out the exact questions they wanted answered.

I wanted to be absolutely certain that I didn't leave anything out when putting together this instructional course. Just sorting through and organizing all these questions took several months in itself -- there was THAT much that women like you wanted to know about lap dancing.

So you can rest assured that if you have a pressing question about lap dancing, it's answered somewhere in my course, in detail.

Reason 3: I had to go to extreme measures to get this information.

To get the closely guarded secrets professional exotic dancers use to give steaming hot lap dances I had to pay thousands of dollars for private lap dances (alright, well that part wasn't so bad), call in favors, do some arm twisting, spy and outright bribe these ladies to get them to reveal their secrets.

I even managed to recruit one of the best exotic dancers in the business (Tiffany Claire) to help me design this course. She is the one who will be walking you through each of the steps in the Lapdance Unleashed video series, revealing each and every sexy secret she knows to make men LUST after her.

Alright, enough about me. By now you're probably dying to know what exactly Lapdance Unleashed is and what you'll learn when access our members area.

So without further ado...

What Exactly Is Lapdance Unleashed?

Lapdance Unleashed is the ONLY online course available on the internet that teaches the "woman next door" how to give a lap dance with total confidence.

It's a combination of online video lessons, a detailed written instructional guide, large, full-resolution pictures, audio interviews, and a special article archive.

And because it is all available ONLINE, you'll literally have all of this in your hands within 5 minutes of ordering. Your password is delivered to your email inbox right after you order. You then use this password to log-in to our members area. It's that easy.

I've specifically designed it to be super easy because I want any woman who needs this information to be able to access it, not just the computer pros.

Alright, now that you know what it is, let me explain exactly what Tiffany Claire and I are going to teach you in Lapdance Unleashed...

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Lapdance Unleashed...

First of all, Lapdance Unleashed is broken down into 8 major parts to make it as easy to absorb as possible. I've designed the course so that you can watch and study each part on your computer then go practice it in front of a mirror. Then move onto the next part once you've mastered it.


Here is the kind of information I'm going to help you learn, starting with Part 1...


Part 1: How To Prepare For Giving Your Man The Sexiest Lapdance Of His Life!

In the first section of Lapdance Unleashed you'll learn everything you need to know to ensure that you are fully prepared to give your man the most erotic experience of his life!

You'll learn about everything from the right music to put on, to what to wear, to techniques for creating massive confidence and sex appeal... and much, much more.


Here's a small taste of what you'll learn in Part 1 of Lapdance Unleashed...

Choosing The Best Music:

  • The best type of music to pick for a lap dance. Most women mess this up by choosing the wrong type of music, making them look more like a head-bobbing ostrich than a sensual seductress.

  • 14 examples of popular dance, rock and R&B songs that you absolutely can't go wrong with (including a few classics from the 70's and 80's).

  • How to order your songs to ensure that sexual tension continues to build during your performance until your man absolutely can't take it anymore!

Creating A Sensual Atmosphere:

  • How to set the mood and create a sensual atmosphere for the most tease and seduction.

  • Tips on setting the proper lighting to put you AND your man in the mood.

Making Your Body Look Its Hottest:

  • How to make your legs look longer, sexier and more seductive.

  • A powerful body language trick that will quickly boost your man's attraction towards you (and many other men for that matter!)

  • How to make sure you are properly groomed downstairs before starting your lapdance. Miss this crucial element (or do it wrong) and you’ll be guaranteed to kill the mood.

  • It's no secret that most men love big breasts. In this section I'll reveal a little-known secret used by supermodels that will have the twins looking a cup size bigger -- and it takes less than 5 minutes to do!

  • How to hide cellulite and fine lines if your body isn't quite what it used to be. This process is a real confidence booster if you're more than 35 years young.


Dressing Sexy For A Lapdance:

  • Make-up tips professional dancers use to look super hot on stage.

  • 8 of the hottest costumes and clothes to wear that will be sure to keep things new and exciting (including tips on how to find affordable clothing if you're on a budget).

  • What accessories to bring with you to add that special touch to your outfit.

  • The single most powerfully seductive aphrodisiac scent on earth!


Part 2: How To Start The Lapdance Confidently

If you've ever wondered how exactly to start giving your man a lapdance without looking awkward or silly, this section will remove all the mystery for you.


Here's a small sample of the kind of information you'll discover in Part 2 of Lapdance Unleashed...

  • How to initiate the lapdance gracefully and naturally from previous activities without it looking too rehearsed or staged.

  • A secret trick dancers use to prepare for giving an incredible lapdance.

  • How to establish the rules of the game so your man knows that you are the one in charge (including advice on what to do if your man tries to break the rules).

  • A 10-step Pre-dance Checklist that will make absolutely certain you're prepared before the big performance.

  • How to slowly gain and keep control of the situation, even if your man likes to be the “dominant” male. (I guarantee he'll love giving you the opportunity to tease the heck out of him!)


Part 3: How To Perform The Seven Basic Lapdance Moves

In Part 3 of Lapdance Unleashed you'll follow along as Tiffany Claire demonstrates how to perform the seven basic moves of a good lapdance. This section includes step-by-step online videos, pictures and written instructions to make learning these moves as quick and fun as possible.


Here are the seven basic lapdance moves you'll learn...



Learn To Move Your Hips Seductively...


Seductive Hips: Knowing how to move your hips is vital to a good lap dance. They represent your sexual abilities and are where the dance begins and ends. In this section you'll learn how to gyrate, swing, thrust and literally hypnotize your man with your hips.

Master The Stripper Strut...


The Stripper Strut: Learn the 'stripper strut' that professional dancers use to enhance their features when they're walking. In this section you'll learn correct posture, how to place your feet when walking, and even how to angle your head for maximum sexiness!

Learn The Barefoot Stripper Strut...

The Stripper Strut - Barefoot:
Walking barefoot on your tip-toes forces your chest out, arches your back and pushes your chest and butt out making it appear rounder and more attractive. Use these tips to look irresistible and feel confident while dancing on your toes.

Pose Like A Pro Stripper...


The Stripper Pose: Men are very visual creatures. So it's no surprise that how you look when posing is an important part of a good lapdance. In this section you'll discover various different ways to pose while standing up, on the floor, or crawling towards your man.

Caress Your Body To Turn HIM On...


Sweet Caress: To sell more, marketing professionals commonly try to get their customers to imagine themselves with their product in hand. You can take advantage of the same effect during your lapdance by softly caressing your body with your hands. This section reveals exactly how to do just that.


Learn Sexy Facial Expressions...

The Look That Kills:
No matter how good your moves, your costume, your music, or your props, a bad facial expression can ruin everything. Here you'll learn how to master your facial expression using your lips, eyes and head angle to look dead sexy for your man.

Learn How To Grind On His Lap...

Hind Grinding: This is what puts the 'lap' in 'lapdance', so you want to make sure you get it right. This section reveals how to seductively mount your man and then what to do once you're up there. Master this and it will be all your man can do not to jump you right there.



In this section you'll also learn:

  • A fascinating little trick you can do with your hands while dancing to make your waist look slimmer and your body look more like the "hourglass" shape that men love.

  • How to transition smoothly from one seductive lapdance move to the next.

  • The single most important thing NOT to do while performing these moves.

  • How to "suggest" the removal of your clothing while dancing and get his imagination running wild with thoughts of having you naked.

  • The 'Kissing Fake" technique. Use this to create massive sexual tension by moving in as though you're going to kiss him and then pulling away at the last second!

Part 4: How To Master The Six Advanced Lapdance Moves

In Part 4 of Lapdance Unleashed you'll watch as our model guides you through each of the six advanced lapdance moves, step-by-step. Use these moves when you're ready to take the lapdance to the next level and really turn your man on!


Once again, you'll master these moves by studying our online videos and then following along with the written instructions and pictures. And because you'll have access to all this right online you can watch the videos as many times as you need to until you've mastered every move.


Here are the six advanced lapdance moves you'll learn...


Give Him A Hot View Of Your Body With
'The Side Flash'...


The Side Flash: This move provides your man with the best possible view he could ask for. But do it wrong and you'll look more like you're squatting to pee than performing a show for your man.

Stand Over Him Seductively...


Standing Over Him: Standing over your man and letting your crotch take center stage is great when you're ready to really turn him on. This section covers how to position yourself, how to move your hips and how to get your man super-aroused by touching yourself!

Impress Him With 'The Spider'...


The Spider: By far one of the most advanced moves you can do when performing a lapdance, "The Spider" is great when you really want to impress your man and get him thinking naughty thoughts about you. In a 4-step process you'll learn how to pull it off like a professional and then get out of it again with grace and confidence.

Give Your Man The Chills...

The Chills: This is a very sexy little trick I learned from a women who TRAINS the most successful exotic dancers in the world. It can be combined with most of the advanced moves to give him the chills and send shivers up and down his spine!


Learn To Look Sexy On The Floor...


On The Floor: A good exotic dancer never forgets to include the floor in her routine, and neither should you. This section will reveal how to perform "the scissor kick", "the worm", and "the aerobics class spread" while moving erotically on the floor.


While On The Floor, Transition Into
'The Crawl'...


The Crawl: Now that you're on the floor the next step is to slowly crawl towards your man with teasing, bedroom eyes. In this section you'll learn how to crawl seductively, how to arch your back and then what to do when you get to him!


In this section you'll also learn:

  • How and where to touch yourself during the lapdance to flip a switch in his brain into 'hot mode' and have him wishing it was him who was doing the touching.

  • A seductive breathing trick used by professional strippers that will send tingles up his spine and put a bulge in his pants.

  • 8 sure signs that your man is enjoying your lapdance. Use these indicators to gauge his reaction to your moves and find out what turns him on the most!

  • How and when to initiate physical contact with your man and send his pulse racing in anticipation of what's to come.

  • A very powerful seduction secret that will make him absolutely powerless to resist you. (And it works on every man, every time).

Part 5: How To Remove Your Clothes Seductively, Without Looking (Or Feeling) Silly...


In this section Tiffany will show you how to remove your clothes in the most seductive and sexy way possible, without fumbling or looking silly.


The online videos and instructions in this section will teach you...

  • How to remove your clothing while dancing for maximum sexiness and seduction.

  • Tips on how to position your body in the most flattering way possible while slowly and teasingly removing your clothing.

  • How to avoid stumbling when taking off your clothes.

  • What to do if you goof up when removing your clothing to recover quickly and make it look like nothing went wrong. (This technique is frequently used by top performers)

  • Which items of clothing should be left ON during your lapdance.

Part 6: How To End The Lapdance With Total Confidence

I get a lot of questions from women wanting to know how to avoid the sometimes awkward situation right at the end of the lapdance, after you've worked your man into a speechless frenzy of anticipation.


Well in Part 6 of the course I explain how to confidently take control of the situation and lead it into wherever you want it to go next.


Here's some of what you'll learn in this part...

  • How to end off the lapdance with total confidence and without looking awkward.

  • How to transition from the lapdance into the hottest sex of your life! (Be prepared to have your man jump all over you when you tell him the "hands off" rule is over).


Part 7: How To Put It All Into Action, Step-By-Step:


Okay here's where it all comes together and you learn how to actually put everything you've learned in the other sections of my course into practice.


In Part 7 Tiffany and I reveal all our secrets about how to put together the sexiest lapdance routine possible! In fact, we even give you three real life examples used by professional dancers.


This will save you a ton of time trying to come up with your own routine and give you confidence knowing ahead of time what works best.


Here are some samples of what you'll learn in Part 7 of Lapdance Unleashed...

  • 3 real dance routines used by a professional exotic dancer, broken down into step-by-step sequence with 52 original moves in each routine!

  • How to customize your own personal dance routine (or modify one of the sample routines) to suit your own body type, flexibility, and preferences.

  • How to execute the dance moves so that they look sexy and natural, not rehearsed or "rigid".

  • What to do to avoid awkward pauses (such as after the end of one song but before the start of the next one).

  • What to say to your man during the lapdance to send his heart racing!

Part 8: Answers From Jay Archer And Tiffany Claire

In the final part of Lapdance Unleashed you'll get to listen in as Tiffany and I answer all your biggest and most pressing questions about lap dancing. This section is in MP3 format so you can listen to it right online or download it to your computer or iPod to listen to later.


Here's just a few of the topics we'll cover during this audio program...

  • The biggest turn offs for men when getting a lapdance. Most women giving a lapdance for the first time make these mistakes -- don't be one of them!

  • The most sensitive spots to rub, stroke, and touch on a man to instantly to send him into orbit with pleasure.

  • How to practice performing your lapdance routine in front of a mirror, without an audience.

  • The lowdown on in-person lapdance classes. Some teachers are great, some are terrible; Tiffany will explain what you need to look for when choosing one.

  • The top 5 things that can go wrong during your lapdance, and how to avoid them.

  • What to do if your man breaks the rules and can't keep his hands off you during the lapdance. (And how to do it in a sexy way that won't offend him).

  • How to tell when you've practiced enough and you're ready for the big performance.

Sound exciting?

Well as I said earlier this is only a fraction -- a small sample -- of what you're going to learn in this course. I've designed it to take every last bit of mystery out of learning to give a sexy, super seductive lapdance.

And, I've just updated the course again - so it contains the most up-to-date, original content you CAN'T find anywhere else. The content is completely original based on my research and interviews with professional exotic dancers - tips that turn men on from a man's perspective. 


Here's What You're Going To Get...

Okay, here's a quick breakdown of what you will get instant access to in our Members Area when you order Lapdance Unleashed...

  • A detailed written instructional guide explaining the moves, steps and routines used by the best professional exotic dancers, in step-by-step detail.

  • Over 50 large, full-resolution pictures demonstrating how to perform each of the techniques in the instructional guide.

  • 10 online instructional video lessons that take all the mystery out of learning how to lapdance like a pro! These videos have just been released, after literally hundreds of requests, and new videos are added regularly.

  • A 30-minute audio interview with Jay Archer and Tiffany Claire, answering your most pressing questions about giving a lapdance.

  • A special article archive with new articles added regularly.

You'll Also Get 4 More Powerful Ways to Seduce Your Lover...

I believe that you should have every tool at your disposal to seduce your man and bring the passion back to your love life that you and your man deserve.

So if you are serious about re-igniting the flames in your relationship and you decide to get "Lap Dance Unleashed" today I'll give you the following 4 valuable products for free with your order.

Here's what you'll get in addition to the course...

Free Bonus #1: "Exploding Your Sexual Confidence for Lap Dances & Everyday Situations" (Audio and Special Report. $47 Value.)

One of the most common questions I get asked is "How can I increase my sexual confidence?" So I recorded an audio and wrote a report that will explain how to do just that.

(And it doesn't involve any new age, touchy-feely stuff. Just real-life, practical techniques you can use to dramatically boost your self confidence every single day).

In this downloadable audio and special report you'll discover...

  • How to eliminate "the giggles" that many women get when first performing a lapdance for their man so you can seduce him with maximum confidence.
  • An exercise you can do everyday, no matter where you are, that will dramatically boost your self confidence (in and out of the bedroom).
  • Techniques to control your own thoughts while dancing and maintain your confidence. You may be surprised about what you should REALLY be thinking of during your dance if you want to look and feel as confident as possible.


Free Bonus #2: "7 Techniques To Completely Eliminate Pre-Lap Dance Nerves And Jitters" (Special Report. $17 Value.)

Every performer gets nervous before a show. That's why I've put together 7 methods of overcoming nerves and completely eliminating pre-dance butterflies.

I guarantee you've never heard of at least 4 of these, even if you're a seasoned performer.

In this special report you'll learn...

  • How to slow your breathing and ease your nerves before performing your lapdance using the simple "Triangle" breathing technique.

  • An ancient technique used by many of today's top actors to clear their mind and completely eliminate nervousness (and it only takes about 30 seconds).

  • 4 things NOT to say to your man before performing your lapdance. If you only remember not to say these four things you'll eliminate 90% of your nervousness.

  • A brilliant nerve-killing trick I learned from a successful sports psychologist who works with professional athletes. This technique helps to eliminate that "butterfly" feeling you get in your stomach, and takes less than 2 minutes to do.

Free Bonus #3: "Look Good Naked - Five Beauty Secrets From Professional Exotic Dancers" (Special Report. $17 Value.)

In the third bonus book I'll share with you 5 secrets that professional exotic dancers use to look gorgeous before going on stage.


These beauty secrets can be used by any woman to make herself look sexier and more appealing especially if she doesn't have the perfect body. And, from a man's perspective, let me tell you that these tricks WORK.

You'll discover...

  • How to make your breasts look fuller and at least one cup size larger (and no, this doesn't involve stuffing or using a push-up bra). Your man will love this one ;-)

  • 4 positions to AVOID getting into when naked. If you don't learn these four positions you may end up turning your man OFF with your lapdance.

  • How to maximize your good features and look as sexy as possible if you have a few extra pounds on you.

  • How to overcome the fear of embarrassment if you aren't in perfect shape or have imperfections such as stretch marks or scars.

  • Five simple things you can do right now to look super hot in your birthday suit!


Total value of free bonuses: $118

These bonus products sell for the prices listed next to them every day, and many of them you’d probably end up buying anyway. They add up to a total value of $118, but I will throw them in for free when you order Lapdance Unleashed today.

I'm Nervous About Making A Purchase Over The Internet.
There Are A Lot Of Scammers Out There!

I completely understand where you're coming from. I've personally had some bad experiences with buying online in the past. That's why I want to make absolutely certain that you feel as safe in making this purchase as you truly are.

So I'd like to give you two very strong reasons to put your mind at ease about ordering from this website.

First of all, we use Paypal (an eBay company) to process all orders. Paypal is by far the most secure and trusted method of payment online. In fact, none of my staff (including myself) will ever see any of your financial information. It's all processed completely and securely by Paypal.

And second, I'm going to take on all the risk myself by giving you the opportunity to evaluate my product for one full year without making a commitment...

My 60-Day Promise & Guarantee To You

I'm so confident 'Lap Dance Unleashed' will ignite the passion in your relationship and boost your sexual confidence that I'm willing to offer you something no one else will.

So here's my promise to you: I want you to take 60-days to evaluate Lapdance Unleashed and decide if it's right for you, without any risk at all.

That’s one whole year to try out what I’m teaching you – become a student and apply every step-by-step technique, study every detailed picture and video lesson, read every advanced tip... practice EVERYTHING right down to the very last day.

And if at anytime between now and day 60 you aren't satisfied for any reason --if you're not more confident -- if your man is not drooling over your new sexiness -- if your relationship isn't hotter and full of passion, simply email me and I will promptly refund every penny you paid -- no stress and no questions asked.

And I'll let you keep every one of the four valuable bonuses as my way of saying, "thanks for giving us a try".

All you have to do is email your request to and you'll have your money back within the next business day. That's my promise to you.

Fair enough?

Now I know this leaves me a little bit out in the open.

But I only make this crazy guarantee because I know that 99% of people will be honest and fair and won't take advantage of me. And this way I can help as many women as possible, by taking away all the risk.

Besides, I know that once you try the techniques Tiffany and I show you... and you see the look of lust on your man’s face after giving him the sexiest, most seductive lap dance of his life... after watching your confidence soar and your relationship reach new levels of passion and excitement...

You won’t even dream of refunding.

In fact, you’ll more than likely join the other very satisfied women who have written me with their own unsolicited testimonials for Lapdance Unleashed. :-)

Alright, are you ready to dramatically boost your sexual confidence and inject more passion and excitement into your relationship? Then let's get you started...

Ready To Lap Dance? Here's How It Works...

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Just Imagine...

Imagine what it will be like to walk into that room with total confidence and have your lover's eyes glued to you -- lusting after your every move.

Picture how it will feel to know for certain that the routine you've practiced is going to get him more turned on than you've ever seen him before.

Think about how much sexier you'll feel when you realize you have the power to turn your man into a puddle of sexually frustrated mush at will.

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P.P.S. If you have any questions that are NOT answered about  "Lap Dance Unleashed" on this page please email and I'll personally get back to you right away. I'm always here and happy to answer any questions you may have.


Read What Others Had To Say About Lapdance Unleashed...

"I have tried a few of the techniques [in Lapdance Unleashed] and he just goes nuts every time! He always notices there is something new and lately he makes more and more comments about how amazing I am and how much he loves our sex life." -- Sara, Connecticut

"Lap Dance Unleashed made me think about things I can do everyday to be the sexy woman that my husband thinks about throughout the day.... I am more to him than his wife and mother of his children, I am now the sexy, confident woman that he hurries home to!" -- Jennifer, United Kingdom

"Lap Dance Unleashed has increased my confidence level, I now am able to think of myself as sexy, especially for my man, which extremely pleases him." -- J.P., New York

"I definitely have more confidence and understand some of the things he has been trying to tell me for a long time.... my confidence and comfort turns him on which I didn't know before. Being raised as a "good Catholic girl" made me very shy and self conscious about my body and helped me come out of my shell! I highly recommend this course."
-- Noreen, Florida

"My guy was absolutely amazed and now calls me 'my sexy dancer'"
-- Holly, United Kingdom

"My husband loves it when I dance for him now. He told me that I could make so much money if I were to actually become a stripper. That I had no idea how good I looked and how sexy it was for me to dance in front of him like that. This surprised me because I was so nervous at first. It was awesome to see his reaction when I slapped his hand away when he tried to touch me! He loved the aggression and dominance I had over him."
-- Kristin, California

"Lapdance Unleashed took me to new level of hotness in his mind - and I was already pretty far up there to hear him say that. It also made me realize how sexy I am and how much my man loves the chase."
-- Leslie, Toronto Canada

"I did try some of the tips... and wow was I pleased how much they worked. I feel like I have this power over him. I'm able to turn him on like never before...and he loves it."
-- H.K., Texas

"To my surprise & delight my husband was all over me within the first 5 minutes of the lapdance. I had to keep pulling away from him. I have strip danced for him before but he didn't like it. Not sure what makes the lap dance so different. My 2nd lap dance for him was great too... I made my breasts pop out of my baby doll & that brought out an audible moan from him which surprised me. To be honest I still can't believe how well some of the techniques and moves worked."
-- Jessica D., New Mexico

Note: Some of the names above have been changed at the request of our customers to protect their privacy.


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